Ex Recovery System Success Stories

Ex Recovery System

So people always ask me.  Ex recovery system.  What do I get if I buy it?  Does it work?


I’ve written up my review of it, check it out here.


One of the best things is the forum.  Lot’s of like minded people going through the same experience you are going through now.


My favorite threads on the forum are the success stories.  Here are a few of them.


P_Thompson really interesting story you can see all his posts in the forum.  He was a mess at the start but the key thing is he changed his mindset.  He didn’t expect anything from his ex, stayed in no contact and let her initiate.  His ex ended up saying “let’s get back but take it slow”.  Check out the thread below.



Qt222 did no contact for a month as suggest by Ashley from the ex recovery system, it was hard.  Her ex boyfriend started making up excuses to see her like he had left something at her house.  After a month he started being romantic again.  I guess sometimes you just have to be patient and stick with no contact?



Courtney_Bond has another kind of success story.  After breaking up and reflecting that the way her ex treated her just wasn’t acceptable she moved on and found another guy!



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