How To Get Your Ex Back If She Wants To Be Friends

What Do You If You Ex Wants To Be Friends?



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“I just want to be friends”


That’s the most common thing an ex girlfriend will say to you after a break up.


“I just don’t have feelings for you anymore.”


Sh*t.  Deep down you probably knew things weren’t heading in the right direction.  But hearing her actually say it SUCKS.


It’s is kind of a slap in the face.


What you don’t realize is part of her saying what she is saying is because of the way you act around her.


Think back to when you guys started dating.  Things were different right?


I bet there was a lot of chemistry.  Excitement.  Your girlfriend wanted to be intimate with you all the time.


Holding hands.  Kissing.  Cuddling.


What happened?


Here are a few things you can do immediately to turn things around.


Don’t try to reason or talk your way out of being friends with your ex.  Women respond to emotions not logic.


Be playful.  Be slightly flirtatious.


Think back to how things were at the start.


Good luck!


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- Tim


Video Transcription


Hey this is Ashley Kay from and this video I wanted to talk about what to do if you’re in regular contact with your ex if you’re just sort of friends with your ex but you can’t seem to get to the next stage of getting them to admit to want you back or feel the desire or the spark for you again.

One of the very most common reasons for an ex breaking up with you or breaking up with somebody is their reason being I just don’t feel that spark anymore, I don’t feel the passion, I think we get along on a friends level but not in an intimate sense of the way. So if that was your reason for the break up and you find that your ex has put you into the friends category, then this is what you need to do whether you told your ex that you have agreed to be friends or not it doesn’t matter what you said to them what’s most important is how you act around them so if you act in a non-friendly way if you act like you want more than a friend then that will mean more than what you’ve actually told your ex most likely your ex will want to be friends, they don’t want to have your feelings bad feelings with you, so they’ll wanna be friendly and they still wanna have some conversations with you and keep that sort of the relationship going because they don’t want to lose you, loose the aspect of your friendship but what you need to do is remember that it’s not about maintaining the friendship anymore, it’s about re-attracting them.

So if you think back to what you did in the beginning to attract your ex what were the things that you did differently when you were just friends if you were just friends with your ex. Most likely you probably would have flirted with them, a lot of flirting is great because it builds some kind of sexual attraction and chemistry there, it’s also flattering and makes the other person feel good. So if you’re a guy using a bit of that cocky funny thing, make them laugh a lot, tease them and pretend to be a little arrogant but saying in a joking way is really good to build that chemistry in a rapport but the key thing with that is that you need to make sure you don’t fall into the role of being over doing things for them. If you go trying to impress you don’t want to overdo it, you don’t want to constantly be pleasing her, you want to be maintained you manliness, maintain what you believe in, don’t always let have her way because women can take advantage of a guy if he is too nice, just make sure be funny and tease her and joke around but  be a little bit difficult as well so she doesn’t seem like she is always get in her way.

Same as if you’re a woman, tease him, flirt with him give him a little bit of attention but pull away too so there is always that friction so it’s not always you just pleasing him doing whatever he wants, you’re saying yeah I am interested in you but at the same time I’m not so you’re always doing the push pull thing with your ex so it’s not always a straight line and everything is very straight forward and predictable.

That’s the other  thing, unpredictability is key, one of the important things here in terms of getting yourself out of the friends zone or just being friends. You want to have your own things going on that your ex doesn’t know about but you also want to inject spontaneity and a bit of something unpredictable into the conversation or into the way things you do. Just different stuff, make things fun make things interesting. Don’t just talk about the same things all the time and when you do that it will make them rethink about who you are and why you’ve suddenly changed, why you’ve suddenly acting different, you know if you acting like a little bit mysterious that is really goo too.

You don’t want to always reveal everything about yourself, instead of saying everything that’s happened to you during the week, keep a little bit to yourself and instead and get your ex to guess it out of you. And inject some teasing, and some flirting and some touching. Touching is very important, that’s probably the last point I want to make about, make sure you move past just a friend, you need to touch as often as you can without it looking creepy of course so when you’re making a point, you would touch her on the shoulder, brush up against him, when you’re standing close or standing in line somewhere put your hand on her back, things like that, these very subtle things are really important.

It will create some tension there, some invisible tension there. If you use all those elements, remember, if you already told them, you wanna be friends do great be friends, just forget all that. You’re actions is going to indicate otherwise, you’re not going to stay as a friend, you’re going to move towards re-attracting her, creating that chemistry, that spark and that is mostly about if you’re a man, getting in touch with your manhood, teasing her but being how you were when you first attracted her to you, if you’re a woman get in touch with your feminine side and attracting him that way like you did in the beginning but not fully giving him everything he wants as well so you’re doing a little bit of a push and pull thing and lastly you want to make sure there’s a lot of touching, touch a lot.

With the touching it’s the same with push and pull make sure it’s reciprocated and that it’s not all good when you do it. As you build days, the more you contact each other, the more you tease one another and there’s mystery there and there’s touching and there’s like getting more intimate and close you want to just keep escalating that. Keep escalating that and if you’re on a date and things are going well then see how far you can push it until your ex realizes that  you’re so far beyond that friend zone that it’s no longer friends anymore. So that’s basically when you want to do transition up to attraction. Keep going, don’t just play safe in staying in that friend zone because the only one holding you back is yourself so just keep that in mind and you should be good. If you like this video and like more tips and helpful advice on how to get your ex back, on attraction on how to deal with your break up I highly recommend you checkout my website which is in the description below.


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