How Sylvester Stallone Met With Over 1500 Agents And Sold His Dog To Get Into Hollywood

Some days are good.  Some day are bad.  Remember this is completely NORMAL after you break.


A motivational story about how AGAINST ALL ODDS Sly Stallone got into Hollywood and starred in Rocky.



Did you know over 1500 people told him he could never be an actor?


Did you know he was starving and had to sell his dog to put food on the table?


Remember.  Life can be tough…


You CAN overcome any challenge if you stick to your guns.


Check out Sly’s story in the video above.


Here are the highlights:


2:17 – Stallone has no heat in apartment and his wife is screaming at him to get a job

3:55 – No food no money.   Stallone sells his wife’s jewllery.  Tries to sell his dog for $50…

7:00 – Turns down $300,000 for his movie script.

8:51  Pays $15,000 to buy his dog back


Stay strong,




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