Text Your Ex Back FAQ (Michael Fiore)

Text Your Ex Back Examples & FAQ


After I wrote about Michael’s Fiore’s text your ex back program and shared his appearance on the Rachel Ray show (if you missed it, you can see it here) I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about his program.


A lot of you guys are asking similar questions so I decided to publish my answers here so other people can see them in case they have the same questions.


If you guys got any questions not covered here, you can contact me directly and I’ll publish your question and my answer here too.


Can Text Your Ex Back Work If I’m In A Long Distance Relationship Or If I Haven’t Spoken To My Ex In A While


Text Your Ex Back often actually works better when you are in a long distance relationship because your ex is already used to communicating via text or email.  The key is knowing the right texts to send and this is where Michael’s tried and tested texting templates have proven to be successful for a number of people.


The right text will spike your ex’s emotions and get them thinking about you again.  By sending one of Michael’s five text message types you’ll find your ex will be curious and responding in a certain way.


If you haven’t spoken to your ex in a while, texting is the safest way to initiate communication.  This is because it’s indirect.   It’s also easier to come across as funnier / witter over text than in person, especially when you are still emotional about your break up.


Does Text Your Ex Back Actually Work?


Text your ex back is not a magic button solution.  There is no one single text that you send which will fix everything with your relationship overnight.  What text your ex offers are scientifically tested text message templates that have been proven to work for thousands of people.  All you have to do is copy.  And text.


Does it work for everyone?  Of course not.


Can it work for you?




If you implement and follow Michael’s instructions you give yourself the BEST chance of getting results by following a proven method that has worked for thousands of people.


Does The Program Work For Any Age?i


Yes it has worked for people of all ages.


Does Michael Guarantee Success?


No program can guarantee you success (you should be wary of any program that does).  We can’t guarantee success.


What Michael DOES guarantees is that he will provide you his best material that has been proven to work when implemented.  But it’s up to YOU to take action and actually DO what you learn.


Michael’s text message are written in such a way to trigger emotion in your ex’s mind and force her to respond to you.  But you need to be the one to take action.


Michael is confident in his materials so he provides a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.  If you try the program and find it’s not for you, you can get 100% of your money back within 60 days.  No questions asked.


How Do I Get A Refund If I Find It’s Not For Me?


All purchases are handled by the secure 3rd party vendor Clickbank.  In the event that the program is not for you, you can process your refund on this page.


Where Can I Buy Text Your Ex Back?


The only way to buy text your ex back is on Michael’s official page.  There are a few fake copies floating around on the internet but they usually are blank.  The official copy also gives you access to a forum to ask questions directly to Michael.



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