Should You Contact Your Ex?

After a breakup it can be really tough spending time alone.  I remember spending every minute thinking about what my ex was doing.  Wondering if I should contact her.


I remember looking at my phone all the time to see if she would text.  Jumping every time the phone rang and getting annoyed at whoever called me since it wasn’t her.


So should YOU be the first to contact your ex if you haven’t heard form her in a few days?  What should you say if she is the first to contact you?  Relationship expert Ashley has a good video explaining what to do.




So should you contact your ex?  Ashley recommends that you DON’T contact your ex and should wait for your ex to contact YOU first.  While you are waiting you should be sitting around you should be keeping yourself busy and motivated.  You need to let her know that you aren’t effected by her and have potentially moved on.


It’s crucially important that you are emotionally ready when your ex contacts you.


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