How To Get A Girlfriend

Tim here,

Let me tell you a story about my buddy Neil.  I tell this to all my students to get them inspired about what is possible.


Meet Neil.  He’s 19 studying computer science at college.

Neil loves his family.  He’s definitely closer to his Dad though.

Mom’s cool too.  But growing up, Neil always thought that Mom was a bit overbearing and strict.

It was Mom being conservative who insisted sending him to an all boys school.

That’s cool.  He met some cool buddies.  They played a shitload of World of Warcraft.  WoW rocks!  And Neil is pretty awesome at it.

Didn’t have much of a chance to meet girls though during high school.  That’s cool Neil thought.  I’m going to college that’s when people really start dating.

I got plenty of time.

Neil’s finishing his first semester in college.  He aced one of his programming classes and came second in the subject.

He still rocks it in WoW.  Hasn’t met any girls yet though…

Damn it.  I’m turning 19 soon and I STILL haven’t been kissed…  This is getting a bit worrying.

This sucks. I see girls everyday at class and on campus.  How come I just freeze up when I even THINK about going to talk to them.  I have no idea what to say…

Neil starts thinking he should make more of an effort in meeting girls.


“What’s wrong with me.”

“I’m picturing going up to that pretty blonde and saying hi.  But I just visualize her being rude to me.”

“This sucks.  Am I normal?”

“Everyone around me has been in at least ONE relationship.  They say it’s the best feeling in the world.”

When Sarah (John’s girlfriend) found out that Neil was still a virgin she was like: “You’re 19!  What’s wrong with you?  Don’t you have any hormones?”  Sarah started laughing.  That really hurt.

Each day passes and Neil gets more worried as he’s getting older.  He knows that he’ll see 22 come and go, then 23, 24 and 25 without having a girlfriend.  Eventually he’ll just be that creepy older guy who can never get a girl.

Neil starts having trouble sleeping.  He lie’s in bed at night with an unbearable feeling of loneliness.

Dammit. I just want a girlfriend.  Not even for sexual reasons.”

“I just want to have someone to talk to, to lean on and for companionship and support.”

“That someone special to walk on a beach with holding hands.  Why is it so hard?”

Neil starts getting depressed at the thought of being alone.  He starts thinking that he’s worthless and seriously considers getting counseling…

Screw this.  I gotta talk to someone about it.

Neil finally decides to speak about it to a few close friends.  His buddy John who has a girlfriend says “Just be yourself!  You just gotta be confident!”.

Neil gets super pissed when he hears this.  He KNOWS being confident is the goal, he just needs to know HOW he can become more confident.

Fast forward another year.  Neil turns 20 then something BIG happens to him.

Discrete math.  Shitty subject.  But compulsory for comp-sci majors.

Neil drag his feet getting to his first tutorial of the semester.  He’s last to arrive.

Plonks himself in the last empty seat.

The tutor says: “OK guys for the next 3 weeks you’ll be working in partners during class.”

Neil turns right.  Jill smiles.  ”Hi I’m Jill”.

Neil can’t believe his luck.

They start swapping notes.  Then they start hanging out together more and more.

Before Neil knows, they and doing EVERYTHING together.

“I really like this girl.  I feel like I can tell her ANYTHING.  She always says she can tell me anything.  We totally trust each other.”

“Hang on a sec.  There’s no way this girl can like me.  She’s always off talking to Bill and other guys anyway.”

“But we hang out a lot together like ALL the time.  Maybe she does like me?  Even a little?”

Neil can’t help it any further.  His feelings are driving him crazy.

He loves Jill with all his heart and knows that they will be perfect together.  Neil can’t hold it in anymore.

She’s gotta like me.  We spend soooooooo much time together.

Neil confronts Jill tells her about the strong feelings he has for her…  Neil still remembers that day like it was yesterday…

To be fair, Jill was really nice.  She said they were too close as friends and didn’t want to ruin it with romance.

“Look Neil, I think you’re a really nice guy and you’re really cool.  I just don’t have any feelings for you…”

Neil can still picture Jill’s face.  It totally crushed him.  I loved this girl dammit.

Even now Neil still thinks about her constantly.

I don’t think I can ever love any other girl the way I love Jill.

3 months later Neil finds out that Jill has started dating and has a boyfriend.  She says she’s in love.

Neil is happy for them but at the same time can’t help but think… that could have been me….


Fast forward 9 months.  It’s almost a year to the day that Neil met Jill.

As usual, Neil can’t sleep at night.  He’s thinking about Jill.  He’s just turned 21 for 1 hour.

He’s 21 dammit.  Legal drinking age.  He should be out partying, celebrating with buddies with an amazing girl by his side.

Neil craves this.  He DESERVES this.  Dammit he’s a smart guy.  He does well in all aspects of his life.  Why is it so damn hard to talk to a girl and get one to like him.

The hell with it.  My first lecture is 11:00am tomorrow anyway.  Screw it. I’ll play a few hours of World of Warcraft till I’m sleepy.

Neil switches his computer on.  He hears the startup beep and the slow purr of computer fan starting to whirl.

Computer boots up.  Windows as per usual is taking FOREVER to login.  Neil’s mouse hovers over the World of Warcraft icon…

For a split second Neil pictures Jill in his mind.

“Hang on a sec.”

“I deserve better.”

“I can FIX this.”

The mouse moves away from the WoW icon and hovers over to Firefox.

Click Click.

Firefox fires up.  Type in  Enter.

Neil pauses for a sec then punches in “how to get a girlfriend”

Click click.


Next page.

Buried at the bottom of right and corner of the page is a small video.

The video title is: “Use this weird trick to get a girl to like you.”

Neil hovers the mouse over to the video.


Click the button below to view the video that Neil found.  Make sure you watch the last 5 minutes of the video because that’s when the trick is revealed.

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